Loan consolidation companies -See loan consolidation companies for bad credit

See loan consolidation companies for bad credit


A payday loan consolidation will save you from troubles. A consolidation loan reduces the installments of all your loans. If you already have commitments such as a home loan, a car loan, a cash loan, a credit card limit or cash loans, take advantage of the free assistance of financial advisers to settle your obligations. We will convert your loans into one loan.

Advisors can offer you a solution in the form of consolidation, refinancing or a mortgage loan. This service is completely free.

Payday loan consolidation:

  • Are you paying back several payday loans at the same time?
  • You do not have enough money to pay your debts?
  • Do your monthly expenses exceed your income?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “YES”, contact an adviser available via Consolidation Now to obtain a payday loan consolidation today!

Consolidation loans

We offer financial solutions for many institutions, among which choose the one that is best for you. The financial advisor will look for a consolidation loan matched to your financial situation, which will convert several high installments into one, lower one. In addition, you can receive additional cash for any purpose.

Have you not paid installments on time?

Do not worry!!! This is not disqualifying you as a borrower. Do not wait any longer. All you have to do is fill in a simple application and you’ll find out how you can help.

The consolidation loan offered by Alior Bank is the guarantee of the lowest installment. Consolidation loan up to PLN 150,000 without guarantees and collateral! 0% commission repayment period is even 10 years. You can be sure that the banker will present you the offer that best suits your needs. Consolidation loan up to PLN 150,000 unsecured collateral can be the perfect solution for you!

The most important advantages of the offer:

  • High admissibility.
  • Fast credit decision.
  • Required minimum creditworthiness.
  • Low-interest rate.
  • Simplified credit procedures.
  • Negotiation of individual loan terms.
  • Care of one adviser from the first contact to the payment of the loan.

How does it look in practice?

  • Establishing contact with an adviser (apply for a consolidation loan).
  • Analysis of the client’s needs and capabilities.
  • Matching the loan offer to individual preferences and financial capabilities of the client.
  • Filling the correct application in the bank with the help of a credit advisor.
  • Financial analysis of the application and taking a credit decision.
  • Signing a credit agreement and disbursing funds from a loan.

A consolidation loan will help you reduce the installments of your loans!

Personal Loan and Financing


What types of loans from Bank Tanske?

What types of loans from Bank Tanske?

Bank Tanske does not offer two hundred different types of loans and services, they are few but their characteristics serve well to what we usually need. It is perfectly normal that we resort to loans and investments.

Loans and financing to buy and pay off debts and investments to earn some interest-bearing money from applications. Therefore, our objective is to present the different types of products and services that Bank Tanske offers. See below:

As you can see, Pan works exclusively with six specific lines of credit. Let us explain:

1. Payroll Loan : This line of credit is a type of loan released to retirees, pensioners and federal, state and municipal public servants and military and pensioners of the armed forces. The installments are deducted from the payroll or the benefit, the contractor receives the amount in the current account or in order of payment.

2. Consigned Credit Card : In the same way as the payroll loan, the PAN Card in the consignment mode is offered to a specific audience. The advantage is that this credit card is without annuity and the invoice has the discount also on the sheet, without bureaucracy.

In addition to the installment credit, it has the loan function with cash withdrawal, that is, the limit can be withdrawn as credit account, money order or cash at Banco24Horas. See: how to make the PAN Payroll Card.

3. Vehicle Financing : Just as Bank Tanske Americano was focused on financing and credit for automobiles, Bank Tanske idem. With Pan Vehicle Financing, anyone who wants to buy and finance a new or semi-new car has access to this line of credit that offers excellent interest rates and personalized payment terms.

The operations are concluded through the CDC (Direct Consumer Credit).

4. Private Credit Card : The Bank Tanske Credit Card, as well as many, discounts on several sites that maintains a partnership with the institution, the holder can accumulate points to exchange for products, specialized services, air tickets and can even pay for purchases and the bill.

5. Investments : Every bank that values ​​itself has to offer good investments for its clients. At Bank Tanske it is no different, if you want to Invest in Fixed Income Bank Tanske has 4 reasons for you to do:

  1. Zero Rate
  2. Proven profitability
  3. 100% online
  4. Safety.

6. Consortia : The Consortium is currently one of the safest and most advantageous ways for those who want to buy consumer goods in installments. With the Pan Consortium you can buy your car 0km or seminovo, motorcycles, buy land, residential or commercial property, can build and remodel.

Personal Loan : Incredible as it may seem, Bank Tanske aborted Bank Tanske Personal Loan and Personal Loan with Pan Check at the beginning of the year (2018), which was also the turn of the former Bank Tanskeamericano.

– These lines of credit, loans and investments are what anyone may need.

Loan from Bank Tanske Consignado: interest rates and terms

Loan from Bank Tanske Consignado: interest rates and terms

Bank Tanske has been structured and acted strongly in the loan consigned in all spheres of governments and prefectures, in addition to the INSS offered to retirees and pensioners with credit released with good interest rates.

The payroll is undoubtedly one of the cheapest forms of credit for individuals when we speak of interest rates, not to mention the characteristic that sets it apart from other personal loans, the installments are (deducted from the payroll or the benefit) of the contractor.

That is, those who apply and have the loan approved do not have to worry about bills, tickets or automatic debits, the discounts are made directly by the paying agency every month until the loan ends.

Differentiated conditions in the ” Payed Bank “

Differentiated conditions in the " Payed Bank "

As this modality brings greater security and lower credit risk to the financial institution, Bank Tanske practices the lowest interest rates to grant the payroll for the vast majority of retirees, pensioners, civil servants and military personnel.

Bank Tanske’s main focus is the granting of payroll deduction to INSS retirees and pensioners, active and inactive public servants from the municipal, state and federal spheres, military from the Armed Forces and pensioners from public agencies.

Currently we can find three types of payroll loan modalities, each directed towards a type of consumer credit.

By the way, the private payroll is one of the modalities that has emerged, the loans are granted to salaried employees with a signed portfolio of private companies agreed with banks and financial institutions. See below:

Regarding the deadlines, despite the fact that it is payable to individuals, the average loan repayment is around 60 and 72 months, but there are those who want to hire payroll loans for up to 96 months.

A detail that is a factor of approval in practically all loans and financings, is the ratio of debt to income, in the case of payroll, the assignable margin is that defines how much the contractor can take in cash and how much will be deducted from his benefit, check or salary.

The margin can not exceed 30% of the monthly income. To be easier to understand, let’s say that a borrower has a monthly income of $ 2,600, is that to use all of his margin, by calculation it is possible to make up to $ 780.00 of installment, except when there is a margin of security that some banks use in order to avoid problems of annotation.

Payroll loan comparison and Bank Tanske

Payroll loan comparison and Bank Tanske

Bank Tanske is not the only one in Brazil that grants a payroll loan, it is just another credit alternative for those seeking money with installment loans and has this benefit of doing with the discount sheet.

Of course any person when searching for a personal loan online, at first doing a search to compare various lenders would be the smartest thing to do. Therefore, we have listed some competitors of Bank Tanske to give you an idea of ​​rates.

The rates were searched on the Central Bank website, if you wish (see here ), there you can check the evolution from month to month of fixed and pre-fixed rates of all types of personal loans, payroll, personal credit, and financings just by choosing the mode.

How to get banks and financials lower interest rates?

How to get banks and financials lower interest rates?

When we intend to take out a loan, financing or factored in, we can not just keep in mind a bank, we need to think about the interest and how to get the best and lowest rates as much as possible, this way you will be on the right track.

However, in order to qualify the modalities that offer lower rates and be able to save thousands of reais in interest and get you out of debt suffocation, four o’clock, or:

  1. You have to have an excellent credit score
  2. You can get payroll deductible loan
  3. Is a beneficiary of the government or public servant
  4. Works in private company with consignee agreement
  5. Have a property for by as loan guarantee
  6. It has valuable belongings to make a pawn

To remember – even if you have excellent credit, you still need to search for better rates, and this will certainly require some effort with online comparisons.

Banks and other financial institutions use different standards to assess the risk that a borrower poses when applying for credit. During times like now when private banks are looking for reasons not to lend money, you need to know what you can do to qualify to get lower interest rate.

Through the Internet, in addition to getting lower rates, you can do everything online, without any red tape or any hassle.

You can :

  • Make personal loans online 100% online
  • It achieves lower interest rates than in traditional banks and financial institutions
  • It contracts loans between $ 200 to $ 50,000 or more. It depends on the modality
  • Choose flexible deadlines between, 3, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 180 months or more
  • Has approval and release in minutes and same day money *
  • Make refunds for account, bill or debit

Bank Loan simulator for payroll

Bank Loan simulator for payroll

To perform a simple simulation of the loan offered by Bank Tanske has no complication, simply inform the boxes of the basic calculator few data that include:

  • Amount of loan requested
  • Number of months – Time limit for payment
  • Interest rate applied per month

Reported the data, click calculate. Ready! You will get the approximate value of the parcel and total cost. However, these are representative values, to know the total and actual cost, it is necessary to verify the CET of each operation.

How to make loan at Bank Tanske?

How to make loan at Bank Tanske?

To request your consigned loan from Pan you need to access one of the bank correspondents, per site or in person one of the units carrying the basic documents:

  • RG, CNH, CPF valid
  • Proof of Income, Counter-Check or INSS Detail
  • Updated proof of residency
  • Must have margin for co-assignment

To locate a Bank Tanske unit closer to your home or place of work, go here the sales network on the bank’s website.

Is it reliable to request and loan from Bank Tanske ?

Is it reliable to request and loan from Bank Tanske ?

One of the most reliable tools to verify the credibility, reputation and reliability of an online lender or credit company along with customers is by using the “Complaint On here “. So we made an inquiry to know the reputation of Bank Tanske.

You can see that in the last 12 months, Bank Tanske has done homework, responded 99.8% of the 8,515 complaints and has a solved complaints rate of 65.1%. The index of claimants who would return to do business with the bank increased to 44.4%. According to the indexes shown, Bank Tanske has a reputation as “Regular”, not bad for the applied criteria.

Loan During Pregnancy – New life – old worries?


A loan during pregnancy – is that even possible? The answer is very clear: YES .

Because a pregnancy should not prevent anyone to make his life as it pleases. Even though borrowing has to go some unusual ways.

New life – old worries?

New life - old worries?

When new life arises, this is a very nice moment. Above all, for expectant parents who would like to share their happiness with the whole world. It’s probably the same with you.

At the same time, many expectant parents are also worried. Because the addition of the family not only brings joy, but also many purchases that have to be made and paid somehow. From the cot to the clothing everything has to be prepared for the new earthlings. Not infrequently, these preparations include a move to a larger apartment and the purchase of a larger car.

Quick financial worries arise, which are perhaps already well-known, because financially speaking lately was not so good, so that no savings are available. In such a situation, credit can be a faithful companion during pregnancy.

Just go to the bank?

Just go to the bank?

Now, such a pregnancy brings with it various physical changes. Your belly is growing – often not only of women, but also the expectant fathers – and you will eventually see the pregnancy clearly. Banks are always a little sensitive to such signs. You know that once you’re pregnant, you’re not working and you’re lacking income.

In addition, you can not tell when you will be back to work. Even if you can already imagine your re-entry into professional life. Nobody knows how your child and your personal situation develops. Therefore, banks are reluctant to grant credit during pregnancy.

In order not to have to live with a cancellation, you should therefore not just take the credit during pregnancy at a local bank. Search for offers on the Internet. These are abundantly represented there. With an online loan you can not see your stomach. Nobody knows that you are pregnant. Therefore, you can not be denied credit for this reason.

Who can take the loan?

Who can take the loan?

If you work with small tricks, the credit can be taken during pregnancy by the pregnant women themselves, but also by the expectant father. depending on who brings the better conditions for borrowing.

Regarding the conditions, however, attention should not only be paid to pregnancy and income. Also, the loan amount and the loan type are interesting. The higher the loan amount, the more likely it is that the bank will demand a guarantor. Therefore, it may even happen that both partners have to take the credit together.

With regard to the type of loan, it is necessary to pay particular attention to earmarked loans

Credit during pregnancy – requirements

Credit during pregnancy - requirements

Good conditions increase the chances of a good loan offer. This should be well known. As a potential buyer, you should present yourself as solvent as possible to the bank. Make sure you have a steady income, pay attention to a positive Schufa and avoid debt that you can not pay. This will help you avoid unnecessary questions and hide the pregnancy even better.

In addition, a good credit rating brings with it the advantage that you can use particularly favorable credit offers. You therefore only have advantages if you have good credit conditions.

Credit during pregnancy – preparation

Credit during pregnancy - preparation

Do not borrow money without comparing different offers in advance. For a loan during pregnancy you should ask yourself what you need the money for and how much it should be available. Also think a little bit towards the future.

There may be further investments for the baby in the near future, which will also have to be funded with the help of a loan. If you can do it all with a loan, you will save unnecessary costs.

Then compare different offers with each other. Pay attention to the effective interest rate and flexible repayment options. Also, the service of the bank and the conditions that are set for you to borrow, can be crucial in the comparison.

Credit during pregnancy – intake

Credit during pregnancy - intake

When taking out the loan, make sure that the monthly installments remain manageable. It will not do you any good if you set this high to get rid of the loan quickly and in the end have too little money left to live. Always remember that you are parental leave after maternity leave and have significantly less money available during this phase.

Even if your partner earns well, the budget of the entire family is limited. If you want to take credit as a pregnant woman alone, then you always opt for an online loan. So nobody sees your pregnancy belly and you do not have to explain it. Look for offers that are relatively flexible and can be adjusted again during the runtime in case of emergency.

In addition, take only as much money as you really need. If you go back to work and your financial budget increases, you can still make more investments. Her little sweetheart does not care how expensive his cot or pram was. He wishes relaxed parents who have no financial worries.

Loan for Temporary Workers – Despite a Small Income Creditworthy

Temporary help is not easy. Especially in financial matters such as a loan for temporary workers, they are often disadvantaged.

But does that really have to be? Or can the desired credit also be recorded in manageable and simple ways?

Quick overview – facts in 5 sentences

  • Regular installment loan from banks is more likely to be excluded with the income as a temporary employee
  • Real credit opportunities result from the additional credit protection and some special loans
  • It would be a good idea to check for yourself which loans fit your life situation
  • Apply for – of course without obligation – your preferred loan
  • The software checks immediately and proposes you individually suitable loans

When do you speak of a temporary help?

When do you speak of a temporary help?

Many adults only work by the hour or on demand. On the one hand, because they may finance their studies or because the family situation does not allow otherwise.

Credit for temporary workers – problem solving with a small income

On the other hand, because the main job is not enough to cover all the costs that are incurred every month. The temporary job brings not only joy, but also one or the other suffering with it.

It becomes difficult, for example, whenever you look at the income that temporary workers receive. Mostly it is not regular, because no one can tell in advance exactly how many hours the temporary help is needed.

In addition, many temporary workers earn only a small hourly wage, so at the end of the month not much money has come together through the backup job. A temporary worker is therefore an employee who is flexible and on call.

Fixed employment contracts are usually not available. In addition, no firm income forecast can be made.

Anything not good for taking out a loan for temporary workers.

Credit options – that is possible

Credit options - that is possible

Despite all this, one should not despair immediately and completely cancel the topic of credit for temporary workers. Because, as with many things in life, you just have to think a little bit around the corner, in order to put the credit into action despite some obstacles.

It would be possible, for example, to take the loan from a dealer. If only a technical device such as a laptop to be funded, then this is excellent directly from the retailer.

Many traders offer installment payment agreements so that the required equipment can be paid off with the help of small installments. In the purchase of installments, only the Schufa of the buyer is of primary interest.

As regards revenue, it must be confirmed only verbally or by ticking the box that revenues of more than 450 euros per month are achieved. If this is the case, small financings can be implemented without support.

Even if the borrower is a temporary employee.

Credit for Aid – Classic Credit

Credit for Aid - Classic Credit

It looks a little different if the credit for temporary workers in the classic version should be available. So if possible without earmarking and directly provided by a bank. Then the income and job guarantee of the temporary worker will probably not be enough to put the loan into action.

The default risk would be too great. In order to be able to realize the loan for temporary employees, a second borrower must be found, who takes up the credit together with the temporary help.

The second borrower must have a steady and high income to have a positive impact on borrowing. If there are two borrowers, there are likely to be many loan offers that can be used.

Our loan calculator will help you to choose the right offer.

That should be noted

That should be noted

Each borrower has different requirements for taking the loan. For a temporary help, it is the financial requirements that are unlikely to be optimal. Therefore, the loan should only be taken out if a full repayment can be guaranteed.

The loan amount and the monthly installments should be adapted to the financial possibilities. On top of that, additional collateral should be sought which, at best, goes beyond the guarantor or second borrower.

Thus, the loan for temporary employment is not a financial challenge and does not lead directly towards debt trap.

Student Loan – a Loan for Students Who Are in Education

The main advantages of student loans are the lower interest rate compared to traditional cash loans and the coverage of part of the costs from the state budget. Only a student or a university candidate can apply for such a loan.

Most students in large cities are visitors who must rent a room privately or in a dormitory. In addition, life in Warsaw, Gdansk or Krakow is more expensive than in smaller towns. Some students choose to work, but not everyone can afford it. Is it worth taking a loan for students?

Why is it worth checking out loan offers for students?

Why is it worth checking out loan offers for students?

First of all, the question of the location of a dwelling has a huge impact on its price. As a rule, the closer to the larger branches of the university, the more expensive. In turn, the flat still generates costs associated with commuting, and communication in big cities is not cheap. For convenience, you have to pay, therefore, most students choose more expensive rooms in a better location.

Secondly, not every day student can afford to take up a job, and not every young person can afford to study extramural in day work. Of course, congratulations to those who succeed, but the vast majority of students simply do not have time for additional responsibilities. And yet people at this age do not want to sit only at home and at the university. In this situation, there are two options – generous parents, or a loan for students .

Available student loan offers

Available student loan offers

There are many different offers on the market, and student loans alone are not high interest rates . In their case, banks benefit more from the number of contracts signed than from individual profits. You can find loans that are both the basis and supplement the budget for a young person’s life. It is worth spending time and energy on comparing offers and finding the most profitable one. Nowadays, many of the available credit offers are available at your fingertips and even without having to leave your home. Certainly, starting an adult life in a profession with debt is not an ideal solution, but it does not have to be exceptionally onerous. In addition, it will allow for a dignified and peaceful survival of the qualification period.

Who is student loan for?

The main assumption of student loans is to support students who do not have well-off families. Therefore, such a loan is not available to all people who have studied at university. Each year, the Minister of Science and Higher Education sets the maximum monthly income per one person in the student’s family. In the academic year 2017/2018, the maximum amount due to a family member and entitling to take a student loan was PLN 2,500 net per person.

What will you need to get a loan for a student? A person who is a student to obtain a loan will need additional guarantors. This is the role of parents or guardians of the person applying for such a loan. Apart from meeting the above condition on the amount of family income, it will also be necessary to submit an application for granting a loan at a selected bank, a certificate of starting education at the university and an application for income from credit guarantors.

One of the student loan proposals we found in the offer of Bank Plandes. Preferential Student Loans are paid in selected tranches, which can be: PLN 400, PLN 600, PLN 800 and even PLN 1000 per month. Their number may not exceed 60 tranches, and in the case of doctoral studies may not exceed 40 tranches. The repayment of loan installments begins after 2 years from the date of planned graduation.

Consolidation Loan 16 Thousand Euro | You Can Have One Instead of a Few Loans

Consolidation loan 16 thousand euro or loan for debt consolidation up to 16 thousand euro. Which bank should you choose to consolidate your debt? Where is the best consolidation of loans and credits? Check the banks below.

What is the cheapest consolidation loan? Which of the banks is the best for debt consolidation? Consolidation of loans, loans, credit lines and credit cards into one loan, with a smaller loan installment of up to 16 thousand. Pay one smaller loan installment to one bank on the date you set yourself. Comparison of consolidation loan offerings Bank Millennial, S-bank, PAO DY, Meteor Bank.

Consolidation loan PLN 16 thousand compared to banks

Pros of consolidation loans

Pros of consolidation loans

This is a good solution when the sum of all installments makes it difficult for us to pay liabilities. Credit consolidation allows you to repay loans and credits with a new loan. Instead of several installments paid at different dates, we have one bank loan. In addition, the new installment may be lower than the sum of installments paid so far. At the same time, we increase our creditworthiness and, additionally, we can count on additional cash.

Cons consolidation loans

Cons consolidation loans

What is the minus of credit consolidation? While the consolidation loan affects that we will pay a smaller loan installment, the loan repayment period is extended. The loan is taken for a longer period of time, so that the installment is smaller. However, a longer term of lending means also more interest to pay, and thus the loan is more expensive.

It is worth considering which solution is more beneficial for us. Will we be able to settle our liabilities for a while until “one loan or loan” goes down, tightening the belt and saving, or is it better to improve the financial situation by catching financial breath with a consolidation loan?

Loan groupings – consolidation

Grouping your credits to save money


To cope with the rising cost of living and find funding for projects that really matter, nothing is more convenient than taking out a credit. Consumer credit, mortgage, revolving credit, these financial solutions can however accumulate and overwhelm your budget; thus limiting you in your daily desires. Fortunately, there is a very effective solution in the form of loan consolidation.

Grouping your loans into one is the best way to reduce monthly payments, to negotiate in most cases a better interest rate for all and especially to have only one interlocutor. The consolidation of consumer loans allows you to honor your debts at your own pace and no longer undergo the complex management of multiple credits whose rates vary, forcing you to a constant intellectual gymnastics.

The consolidation of consumer credits by Money experts

The consolidation of consumer credits by Money experts


Specialist in grouping loans and buying back credit, Money puts at your disposal the expertise of its advisors who can accompany you to lighten your monthly bill. You can already establish a simulation of consolidation of consumer credit or a mortgage credit estimate via the tools at your disposal. 
In order to group your loans optimally, you can also call on our experts by submitting a free, no-obligation request: you will then have personalized advice and a precise idea of ​​the options available to you in order to save money. money.Finding the best rate for your credit redemption is easy with Money.

Loan Consolidation: estimate, rates and opinions consolidation of Postal service Italy debts

We find out the Fostal Bank Consolidation loan, the loan offered by the Italian Post Office that allows you to combine all your debts into one. The characteristics of the loan with the amount that can be requested, the duration and the interest rates applied. Finally, customers’ opinions on financing and delivery times.

Loan Consolidation: how it works, features and rates

Loan Consolidation: how it works, features and rates

On this page we will deal with a form of financing offered by the Italian Post Office and aimed in particular at those who have several loans in progress. We are talking about one of the products that are part of the wide range of Postal service Italy loans. One of the strengths of the Italian Post Office is precisely to offer perfect solutions for any type of requirement. Rather common is the case in which we find ourselves repaying more than one loan at the same time. In fact today, any type of product can be purchased by choosing the payment method in installments. This is undoubtedly a very useful service, which allows us to carry out our projects, make gifts or make gifts for ourselves without having to face too much spending with a single financial outlay. The problem, however, is that in this way we often find ourselves in the situation of having to repay different loans received from different credit institutions and therefore also with different expiration dates.

All this is a not indifferent problem, which can be solved thanks to the Fostal Bank Consolidation loan. How does it work? It is very simple: you just have to receive from the Italian Post Office a loan equal to the sum of the residual debts that you have contracted with other companies. Obviously in this case the sum of money we are going to request will not be paid directly to our account, given that it will be directly the Italian Post Office to deal with the early repayment of old debts. In this way, our relationship with the lenders that had granted us the loans will cease immediately, and we will therefore have to repay a single loan with a single installment and a single interlocutor, represented by the Italian Post Office. The Fostal Bank Consolidation loan can be the ideal solution for several reasons, not only from a practical point of view.

Choosing the Postal service Italy loan for debt consolidation we can in fact request additional liquidity, which would probably not be granted to us by a financial institution to which we are repaying a debt. So in this way we can make any other projects. Furthermore, one aspect to be taken into consideration is that of interest rates. From this point of view, it is worth remembering that the Fostal Bank Consolidation loan is a fixed rate loan, which therefore provides for installments that do not change over time. What happens very often in the transition from old loans to new debt consolidation financing is that the rate is much lower and therefore we will have a significant saving on our loan.

The Fostal Bank Consolidation loan can be requested by all holders of a Fostal Bank account or postal savings account. How much can you request with the debt consolidation offered by the Italian Post Office? The sum of money that can be requested ranges from a minimum of 3,000 euros up to a maximum of 50,000 euros. Among the factors that make this product extremely attractive to all those who have several loans in progress is the possibility of deferring repayment of our debts by choosing the duration that we prefer from a minimum of 24 months up to a maximum of 96 months. So choosing a longer duration we can fix a lighter installment than we had to deal with previously. In any case it is good to also consider the rates to avoid paying too high interest, so we advise you not to set a too high duration.

Bank Consolidation Loan Estimate: how to apply for it

Bank Consolidation Loan Estimate: how to apply for it

If you are interested in receiving a Fostal Bank Consolidation loan, the best thing to do as always is to request a free quote. In this way we can in fact know immediately the repayment installment that we will pay each month and the interest rates applied. On the website of the Italian Post Office, we are first presented with an example of an estimate relating to the Fostal Bank Consolidation loan. The case considered is that of a request for financing for an amount equal to € 18,000. The reimbursement plan chosen by the customer provides for a duration of 90 months, which allows to set repayment installments in line with the scope given that they will amount to € 270.24. With regard to interest rates a fixed Tan 8.40% and a 8.77% Taeg are envisaged. This simple example can be useful to get an idea of ​​the financing conditions offered by the company, and to evaluate, for example, the duration towards which to orient ourselves according to the desired amount.

To know in detail the characteristics of the loan for debt consolidation offered by the Italian Post Office we can request a quote. Through the company’s website we have the opportunity to make an appointment in one click. In this way we will avoid queuing and we will meet an expert in the field who will present us all the latest offers and present a detailed estimate of the Fostal Bank loan that is right for us. Through the service available on the website of the bank you can consult the complete list of post offices with which we can go. For each office the address, opening hours and telephone number are reported, useful to request information and clarifications of any kind on Fostal Bank loans and not only.

So once you have located the post office closest to our home, just make an appointment choosing the day and time that we prefer. To do this we will have to enter some personal data and a telephone number, as well as having to specify the motivation for the appointment. So to request a detailed estimate for our Fostal Bank Consolidation loan, we will simply have to go to the selected post office and meet the Italian Post Office consultant. To know immediately the repayment installment and the interest rates applied for our financing we will have to describe our economic situation and the guarantees that we are able to provide to the company. Based on the amount we are interested in and the duration we prefer, we will then be presented with an estimate of the cost. In case you do not know yet the ideal duration of your loan you can instead request a quote by setting the monthly repayment rate that we prefer. According to this, the Italian Post Office operator will be able to advise us on the ideal duration, thus presenting us with an estimate of the Fostal Bank Consolidation loan ideal for us.

Positions consolidation of Italian Post debts and withdrawal times

Positions consolidation of Italian Post debts and withdrawal times

To conclude our analysis of the Fostal Bank Consolidation loan we consider the opinions of customers who have received a loan by choosing this particular solution. First of all one aspect on which they all agree is the convenience of this product. There are many positive opinions published on the various forums that advise the Fostal Bank Consolidation loan to all those who have several loans in progress. Customers who have chosen this product in most cases have in fact obtained a much cheaper economic treatment. Even those who have not found an important economic advantage underline how the possibility of redefining the repayment plan is very useful as it allows to choose the new monthly payment based on the experience gained in the months preceding the transition to the new loan with debt consolidation.

So this form of loan offered by the Italian Post Office is recommended by customers for their usefulness and convenience. A very important aspect is then that of delivery times. In this case it should be noted that the disbursement consists in the early repayment of the old loans by the Italian Post Office, and therefore the consequent transfer to the new Fostal Bank Consolidation loan. Furthermore, as we have already said, the customer has the possibility of receiving new liquidity. In this case it may take slightly longer time due to an analysis of the income guarantees provided by the applicant. In any case, customers in their reviews are fully satisfied with the experience with the Italian Post Office to receive the Fostal Bank Consolidation loan. In particular, there are several users of the sector forums that now declare themselves to be loyal customers of the Italian Post Office. In fact, there are those who have requested more than one Fostal Bank loan without encountering any kind of problem.

According to what is stated by customers in the opinions published online, the delivery times advertised by the company are effectively respected. Once the application has been assessed and accepted, the request for financing will only take 24 or 48 hours to allow the payment of any additional liquidity and the consequent transfer to the new repayment plan chosen. As for the negative reviews, first of all it is important to underline that they are far less than the positive ones. Furthermore, the reason for these reviews is in most cases due to denied loans or to delivery times considered too long. As always we remind you that the waiting time that we report to you and that is reported on the various internet sites is only indicative. It is normal that in some cases there may be particular hitches and therefore the times lengthen slightly. In any case, therefore, we can state that for those who have different loans in progress, the Fostal Bank Consolidation loan is an excellent solution, which is recommended by most of the customers in the opinions published online.