Loan groupings – consolidation

Grouping your credits to save money


To cope with the rising cost of living and find funding for projects that really matter, nothing is more convenient than taking out a credit. Consumer credit, mortgage, revolving credit, these financial solutions can however accumulate and overwhelm your budget; thus limiting you in your daily desires. Fortunately, there is a very effective solution in the form of loan consolidation.

Grouping your loans into one is the best way to reduce monthly payments, to negotiate in most cases a better interest rate for all and especially to have only one interlocutor. The consolidation of consumer loans allows you to honor your debts at your own pace and no longer undergo the complex management of multiple credits whose rates vary, forcing you to a constant intellectual gymnastics.

The consolidation of consumer credits by Money experts

The consolidation of consumer credits by Money experts


Specialist in grouping loans and buying back credit, Money puts at your disposal the expertise of its advisors who can accompany you to lighten your monthly bill. You can already establish a simulation of consolidation of consumer credit or a mortgage credit estimate via the tools at your disposal. 
In order to group your loans optimally, you can also call on our experts by submitting a free, no-obligation request: you will then have personalized advice and a precise idea of ​​the options available to you in order to save money. money.Finding the best rate for your credit redemption is easy with Money.