Student Loan – a Loan for Students Who Are in Education

The main advantages of student loans are the lower interest rate compared to traditional cash loans and the coverage of part of the costs from the state budget. Only a student or a university candidate can apply for such a loan.

Most students in large cities are visitors who must rent a room privately or in a dormitory. In addition, life in Warsaw, Gdansk or Krakow is more expensive than in smaller towns. Some students choose to work, but not everyone can afford it. Is it worth taking a loan for students?

Why is it worth checking out loan offers for students?

Why is it worth checking out loan offers for students?

First of all, the question of the location of a dwelling has a huge impact on its price. As a rule, the closer to the larger branches of the university, the more expensive. In turn, the flat still generates costs associated with commuting, and communication in big cities is not cheap. For convenience, you have to pay, therefore, most students choose more expensive rooms in a better location.

Secondly, not every day student can afford to take up a job, and not every young person can afford to study extramural in day work. Of course, congratulations to those who succeed, but the vast majority of students simply do not have time for additional responsibilities. And yet people at this age do not want to sit only at home and at the university. In this situation, there are two options – generous parents, or a loan for students .

Available student loan offers

Available student loan offers

There are many different offers on the market, and student loans alone are not high interest rates . In their case, banks benefit more from the number of contracts signed than from individual profits. You can find loans that are both the basis and supplement the budget for a young person’s life. It is worth spending time and energy on comparing offers and finding the most profitable one. Nowadays, many of the available credit offers are available at your fingertips and even without having to leave your home. Certainly, starting an adult life in a profession with debt is not an ideal solution, but it does not have to be exceptionally onerous. In addition, it will allow for a dignified and peaceful survival of the qualification period.

Who is student loan for?

The main assumption of student loans is to support students who do not have well-off families. Therefore, such a loan is not available to all people who have studied at university. Each year, the Minister of Science and Higher Education sets the maximum monthly income per one person in the student’s family. In the academic year 2017/2018, the maximum amount due to a family member and entitling to take a student loan was PLN 2,500 net per person.

What will you need to get a loan for a student? A person who is a student to obtain a loan will need additional guarantors. This is the role of parents or guardians of the person applying for such a loan. Apart from meeting the above condition on the amount of family income, it will also be necessary to submit an application for granting a loan at a selected bank, a certificate of starting education at the university and an application for income from credit guarantors.

One of the student loan proposals we found in the offer of Bank Plandes. Preferential Student Loans are paid in selected tranches, which can be: PLN 400, PLN 600, PLN 800 and even PLN 1000 per month. Their number may not exceed 60 tranches, and in the case of doctoral studies may not exceed 40 tranches. The repayment of loan installments begins after 2 years from the date of planned graduation.