Loan for Temporary Workers – Despite a Small Income Creditworthy

Temporary help is not easy. Especially in financial matters such as a loan for temporary workers, they are often disadvantaged.

But does that really have to be? Or can the desired credit also be recorded in manageable and simple ways?

Quick overview – facts in 5 sentences

  • Regular installment loan from banks is more likely to be excluded with the income as a temporary employee
  • Real credit opportunities result from the additional credit protection and some special loans
  • It would be a good idea to check for yourself which loans fit your life situation
  • Apply for – of course without obligation – your preferred loan
  • The software checks immediately and proposes you individually suitable loans

When do you speak of a temporary help?

When do you speak of a temporary help?

Many adults only work by the hour or on demand. On the one hand, because they may finance their studies or because the family situation does not allow otherwise.

Credit for temporary workers – problem solving with a small income

On the other hand, because the main job is not enough to cover all the costs that are incurred every month. The temporary job brings not only joy, but also one or the other suffering with it.

It becomes difficult, for example, whenever you look at the income that temporary workers receive. Mostly it is not regular, because no one can tell in advance exactly how many hours the temporary help is needed.

In addition, many temporary workers earn only a small hourly wage, so at the end of the month not much money has come together through the backup job. A temporary worker is therefore an employee who is flexible and on call.

Fixed employment contracts are usually not available. In addition, no firm income forecast can be made.

Anything not good for taking out a loan for temporary workers.

Credit options – that is possible

Credit options - that is possible

Despite all this, one should not despair immediately and completely cancel the topic of credit for temporary workers. Because, as with many things in life, you just have to think a little bit around the corner, in order to put the credit into action despite some obstacles.

It would be possible, for example, to take the loan from a dealer. If only a technical device such as a laptop to be funded, then this is excellent directly from the retailer.

Many traders offer installment payment agreements so that the required equipment can be paid off with the help of small installments. In the purchase of installments, only the Schufa of the buyer is of primary interest.

As regards revenue, it must be confirmed only verbally or by ticking the box that revenues of more than 450 euros per month are achieved. If this is the case, small financings can be implemented without support.

Even if the borrower is a temporary employee.

Credit for Aid – Classic Credit

Credit for Aid - Classic Credit

It looks a little different if the credit for temporary workers in the classic version should be available. So if possible without earmarking and directly provided by a bank. Then the income and job guarantee of the temporary worker will probably not be enough to put the loan into action.

The default risk would be too great. In order to be able to realize the loan for temporary employees, a second borrower must be found, who takes up the credit together with the temporary help.

The second borrower must have a steady and high income to have a positive impact on borrowing. If there are two borrowers, there are likely to be many loan offers that can be used.

Our loan calculator will help you to choose the right offer.

That should be noted

That should be noted

Each borrower has different requirements for taking the loan. For a temporary help, it is the financial requirements that are unlikely to be optimal. Therefore, the loan should only be taken out if a full repayment can be guaranteed.

The loan amount and the monthly installments should be adapted to the financial possibilities. On top of that, additional collateral should be sought which, at best, goes beyond the guarantor or second borrower.

Thus, the loan for temporary employment is not a financial challenge and does not lead directly towards debt trap.